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Lose your heart in Italy...

The first six novellas in Annie West's steamy Hot Italian Nights series together in one boxed set, and at a special price!

Six sexy, alpha Mediterranean heroes determined to get their own way, and the women they love. Cue sultry, passionate nights, intense emotion, and romance that will steal your breath away.


Book 1 - Back in the Italian's Bed

No woman walks away from billionaire Fabrizio Armati's bed.

No woman except Jenna MacDonald. Now he'll stop at nothing to get her back, and keep her there. Jenna is determined not to be swept off her feet again. She fell fast and hard for the charismatic hotelier, straight into a sizzling affair that lasted till she discovered Fabrizio saw her as no more than a convenient, expendable mistress. Now, when revenge turns to passion, will surrender be on his terms, or hers?

Book 2 - Bought by the Italian

She's up for sale. And he's the highest bidder.

Gennaro De Laurentis might prefer motorcycle leathers to Armani, but he's as ruthless as any corporate raider in a killer suit. And he wants Chiara, the lover who abandoned him without a backward glance. When glamorous fashion designer Chiara Armati takes part in a charity auction, she sells her company over dinner, nothing else. Yet when she discovers her purchaser's identity she realises she's caught in a trap. She's never stopped wanting Gennaro or forgiven his betrayal. Now she's at his mercy - and he's as irresistible as ever!

Book 3 - Bound to the Italian Boss

What the boss wants the boss gets.

Luca De Laurentis is focused on two things, adventure and expanding his billion-dollar hotel empire. Those interests collide when his prim and proper assistant transforms into a leather-clad beauty with a taste for excitement. Allegra Davis is determined never to be judged on her appearance again, hence her frumpy work clothes. Just her luck that the one person to recognise her in motorcycle leathers is her boss, the man she's had a crush on for a year! Now Luca is watching her with heat in his eyes and his every touch promises pleasure. What happens when their relationship moves out of the boardroom and into the bedroom?

Book 4 - The Italian's Bold Reckoning

He's lured her back. Will she take the bait?

It's a year since Matteo De Laurentis lived with his gorgeous, talented, obstinate wife. Now Italy's sexiest leading man is determined to get his woman back. But Angela is convinced entering Matteo's glamorous world was a fatal mistake. Besides, how can she ever trust the man she believes betrayed her? In the meantime she can only pray he never discovers her painful secret - that she's still desperately in love with him.

Book 5 - At the Italian's Bidding

She's out of bounds but how can he resist?

Niccolo Marchesi might risk his neck on the racing car circuit but he'll never put his friendship with the De Laurentis family on the line. So he dare not give in to his feelings for his best friend's sister, Lia. Yet when he needs a pretend girlfriend, just for a weekend, who else can he trust to play the part? Lia knows Niccolo's every touch is a lie but it feels like the real thing. How is she supposed to withstand nights of temptation, pretending to be his lover when she's loved him for years? When honour and passion clash, which will prove stronger - scruples or desire?

Book 6 - Falling for the Brooding Italian

Passion has its consequences 

Aurelio de Laurentis lost his love and his heart years ago. Now the renowned winemaker buries himself in business. A chance encounter with free-spirited Amber Moncrieff leads to a white-hot affair, but even as he becomes addicted to her passion, he tells himself he can still walk away. Amber knows emotional involvement with the enigmatic, sexy-as-hell Italian promises nothing but disaster. But her stubborn, generous heart has other ideas. And then comes the news their affair has unexpected consequences...


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"These are six sizzling, sensual stories filled with brooding strong Alpha heroes that will sweep their strong caring heroines and the readers off too gorgeous settings where sparks fly, tempers flare and emotions soar. But above all else you will be left smiling and sighing as each couple get their awesome HEA. Ms West has a magical voice when it comes to writing sensual romance stories that sizzle and this boxed set is one that I truly recommend. They will keep you warm as you journey six different paths that have a lot of ups and downs, secrets to uncover but above all else pure joy, do yourself a favour and don’t miss this boxed set." ~ Helen, Amazon

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Anthology Edition