"With a robust and sexy yet sensitive hero and a soft yet determined heroine who refuses to be intimidated this simmers with tension from the beginning as they struggle with forbidden sexual attraction against their honour and duty. An enthralling page turner." ~ R, Mills & Boon UK website

"Loved this book! I've read and loved a lot of Annie West books, but this would have to be one of my favorites. So much tension between two very headstrong people. I felt like I was on an adventure with Soraya in this road trip with a twist. " ~ Margie, Amazon 

"Oh, heavens to Betsy, this book is such a rollercoaster of drama and emotion and passion. Loved every single page from the moment when Soraya and Zahir's eyes meet in a Parisian nightclub. Passion burns hotter than the desert sun! Both of these people have excellent reasons to stay away from one another - and because they're honorable, they really do try! - but the blazing attraction between them is so strong, they just can't resist it. I love stories of forbidden love. There's definitely a touch of Tristan and Isolde in Annie West's latest with the main characters much more likable than T&I! Seriously, run to your nearest bookshop and grab this. You won't be sorry! Five stars with a plus!" ~ romancelover, Amazon

"A flawlessly written romance written by a mistress (mistress? I mean this as a compliment!) of the art of romance writing. The dilemma of duty versus the heart is fully explored. Full of emotion and sparkle, this is a novel which won't let you go until you turn the final page." ~ Maria, GoodReads

"A compelling book, DEFYING HER DESERT DUTY, draws the reader in with passionate characters placed in morally challenging positions.  Soraya's and Zahir's  allegiance to a good man and leader of their country collides with their love for each other, providing tension and emotional intensity that only the brilliantly gifted Annie West can create." ~ 5 stars, Donna Zapf from CataRomance 

"DEFYING HER DESERT DUTY is a story of an honorable hero, who appears uncompromising and domineering on the outside but really is intensely emotional and tender. It's also a tale of a heroine who is wholly loyal to her family and the crown, yet punched in the gut by love and its emotional consequences. Author Annie West's mastery of subtleties in relationships is amazing to read. Her characters are amazing in their complexities, their interaction and their growing love for each other." ~ 4.5 out of 5 stars,  Nas Dean from Contemporary Romance Reviews 

"What a wonderful novel! The tension between Soraya and Zahir is palpable and intense! Once I started reading this book I couldn't put it down. I just had to know what would happen next. " ~ Tara, Goodreads

''This is a wonderful story with lots of tension as Zahir and Soraya travel through France and Italy on their way back to Bakhara. They learn that first impressions are not always true and as they get closer both realize they are falling in love but they must think about their duty to their country... I loved this story - it kept me up late. Ms West really knows how to write a story that is filled with angst and passion.'' ~  Helen S from Romancing the Tome, Newsletter of the Australian Romance Readers Assn"


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