For the Sheikh's Pleasure was a story I couldn't resist - it just begged to be written. 

I'd finally convinced myself I might be able to write a story about a dashing sheikh. I was doubtful at first. Then I started writing The Sheikh's Ransomed Bride and found myself entering a wondrous world of fabulous riches, deeply held traditions, binding loyalties and, above all, passionate romance between a hero and heroine with different backgrounds, expectations and outlooks. And I loved it! I was hooked. Every time I sat at the computer to visit my Arabian islands in the fictitious Kingdom of Q'aroum I didn't want to leave. For me it was fairy tale territory. 

I completed the book and sat down to begin work on the next one I'd planned and found I couldn't. While I'd written Rafiq and Belle's story an idea for a linked book had come to me and now it was firmly lodged in my brain. I tried to resist it, not sure about writing it just yet. Surely I should concentrate on the other book I'd planned? But the idea was so strong, the urge to write it so great, it was a relief to put the planned book aside and dive instead into the tropical waters of Q'aroum once more. Looking at the pictures on this page, you'll understand how the location inspired me. 

As I wrote I reveled in the chance to investigate what had happened to Belle and Rafiq since their story ended. But that was a secondary benefit. 

The real thrill came from putting down Arik and Rosalie's story. Two such different, yet strong characters. He's a man with everything he could want. She's a woman who's learned to expect very little from life. Arik is brim-full of energy, a man who goes after what he wants. And when he sees Rosalie he decides she's exactly what he wants...for now. Rosalie has a quiet strength and dignity that make her a perfect match for this powerful sheikh. She's suffered trauma in her past and is too busy rebuilding her life to even consider romance...until she meets Arik. 

This is a seduction story, and I have to say Arik's technique is very good! However, things aren't quite as he expects when he sets out to seduce the beautiful stranger who enters his domain. He soon learns that seduction can be a two edged sword and that the power he's wielded half his life is no match for the woman he wants above all else. 

I adored writing this book. So much so that I have a sneaking desire to go back to that wonderful world of strong, protective, handsome Arabian princes again. One day... 

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