Do you remember dreaming as a little girl about being swept off your feet by a charming, handsome prince? That's exactly what I did with Passion, Purity and the Prince. I had such a wonderful time I thought I'd share with you a little of the background to the book. 

Ages ago I got an idea for a story about an ordinary girl who meets a prince. The more I thought on it the more excited I became as this Cinderella story grew real and the characters more appealing. 

Planning for the book was helped along by a long-awaited trip to Europe where I took the time to visit some places that inspired me with their settings and the information I collected. Alaric is ruler of a small principality steeped in tradition. Tamsin is a curator of books and an expert in old languages. You can imagine the fun I had. The old library at Trinity College, Dublin was just the sort of place I could see Tamsin. A teetering European castle perched high above vineyards and rivers - yes, please. Romantic Christmas markets in cobble-stoned squares, a sleigh ride through pristine powder snow - sigh. All wonderful experiences that helped me get to know the place for this story. In fact, I've included a photo from that sleigh ride here. 

But more important than the setting were the characters. At first they appeared to be complete opposites but you know what they say about opposites attracting... 

Tamsin is an expert in old books who's learned not to put her trust in men but in her work. Alaric, charming and debonair, is a man who supposedly has everything yet struggles against the dark shadows of survivor guilt. 

Despite her reclusive background, Tamsin is no shy, retiring violet. I enjoyed the fact that she was intelligent, determined and brave even when she didn't want to be! In Alaric she finds her soul mate. This is a story about transformation (I loved writing those scenes) but not just at the surface level. Most of the change in Tamsin is in her heart and attitude. Alaric may look just as handsome and dashing at the end but inside he's a new man, ready to believe in love and the woman who's changed his world. 

Passion, Purity and the Prince was a sexy Cinderella treat to write. I hope, if you read it, you enjoy this story as much as I did. 


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