'And here's the bathroom.' She put down the remote and stepped into the room of travertine marble and glass. The view of the sea from the sunken bath was perfection and no expense had been spared. She gestured to a collection of crystal jars. 'The bath salts are labelled.'

Not that Fabrizio would bother. He was a shower man, only soaking in a tub when sharing.

Fire washed her breasts and throat at the unwanted memory and she spun around, only to find herself impaled by hot silver eyes. His stare sent a shiver of erotic heat rippling from her nipples to her womb as easily as if he'd flicked a switch.

She knew that look. How well she knew it!

And her body's response.

Jenna blinked and stepped back instinctively, horrified and ashamed at how longing instantly slammed into her. She came up against the cool marble countertop, hands clutching the hard surface.

Fabrizio moved further into the room, his gaze never wavering. She swallowed a lump of panic and cleared her throat.

'Would you like to see the rest of the suite now?' Her voice was too throaty, like an invitation. She swallowed again.

'Why bother? One bed is enough.' His voice dipped low.

Enough for what? He wasn't talking about sleep, not with that predatory gleam in his eyes.

The atmosphere between them sparked with static energy that sucked the oxygen from the air. Her body grew heavy as the pulse of her blood turned sluggish and expectant.

Jenna shook her head, her eyes never leaving his as he came to a halt well inside her personal space.

'If you don't want to see any more, I'll leave you to relax and explore at your leisure.' Her voice was clipped and cool. If you ignored its husky edge. 'Will you dine here or downstairs?'

'I'm not ready to relax. I find myself...restless.' His mouth curved in a smile as sharp as a tiger's. 'And it's not dinner I'm hungry for.'

He lifted a hand as if to brush her cheek and her head reared back, indignation exploding at his innuendo.

'You really think you can just walk in here and have...' Jenna shook her head, unable to say the words.

'Have you?' His smile widened. 'Oh, yes.'

Outrage poured through her, drenching the betraying spark of arousal she'd felt from the moment he'd got close.

'You have the most colossal ego.' She straightened, her hands fisting at her sides as she fought not to lash out. 'I'll leave the two of you alone to enjoy the company.' She stepped forward, turning her shoulder as she brushed past him.

There was a bark of laughter, abrupt and surprisingly appealing, then strong fingers clamped around her wrist. 'Not so fast.'

She stopped, heart thumping, and stared down to where his hard, olive-skinned fingers shackled her hand. Six whole months since he'd touched her, a fleeting kiss at her throat before he left her in the cool of dawn, and still he had the power to undo her. If she let him.

Jenna shivered, control hanging by a thread. 'Let. Me. Go.'

'You must be joking.' Her gaze wrenched up to snare on his. 'Now that I've finally found you I won't let you go again so easily.'

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