This book emerged from its working title: The Liakos Legacy (I love alliteration!). Soon a story was stirring in my mind about a woman estranged from her family in Greece and a man determined that she return there with him for the most important of reasons - to save a child. Costas and Sophie are caught in a complex web of old hurts, current tensions and emerging attraction that doesn't relinquish its hold until the final page. 

This book was so intense that writing it was exhausting - and exhilarating. Costas and Sophie deserved the happiness they finally discover together. 

It was a delight to write this story as it took me back to beautiful Crete (not in person, unfortunately - maybe another time). I could smell the wild herbs in the fields and the salty tang of the waves washing in to shore. I could feel the dappled sunlight filtering through the ancient olive trees and see the bright wildflowers beneath them. (Readers of this book will discover I'm rather fond of Greek olive groves). And in the background were the stark White Mountains of Crete. Yes, I've decided. It's time for another trip to Crete.

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